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When looking for responsible quality goods for your children, you pay special attention to their origins? Mam’zelle Cousette is here for you! You will find snoods, beanies, bibs and lots of other childcare goods for your kids. Every item is tested and approved by children themselves. Every product is entirely handmade and customisable, you can chose the colours, the fabrics, the themes, … Mam’zelle Cousette makes your wishes come true!

Responsible haberdashery

Always solicitous over the origins and the quality of the goods, Mam’zelle Cousette carefully selects her materials, prioritising Oëko-Tex, organic or GOTS certified products. The Oëko-Tex Certification proves that the item remains below set limit values or is free of certain harmful substances such as Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, some phtalates, cadmium, nickel, lead… For textile products to be GOTS certified, they must be made from at least 70% organic fibres.

Handmade creations

Always scouting for novelties and local creators, Mam’zelle Cousette presents handmade products from talented creators. From fashion accessories (for babies, children and grown-ups) to decorative items via fashion jewellery and purses, Mam’zelle Cousette offers a selection of colourful stylish and modern items. If you’re looking for a Mother’s Day present or just want to go shopping, come and find what delights you at the Creator’s Corner.

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